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Are land-use dictates (read zoning decisions) unchallengeable?

There is no question that effective business planning for an entrepreneurial venture or start-up enterprise entails a host of considerations.

Those obviously encompass key matters relating to business type, asset acquisition, contract negotiation and drafting, financing, intellectual property protection and myriad other things.

Many businesses will want to note this: new depreciation treatment

Given that business planning is fundamentally about company principals' soundly guided moves that are influenced by a bottom line aimed at saving money and increasing profits, any new government rule or guideline that promotes such objectives is of obviously keen interest to business owners.

Take asset depreciation, for example, which is something that all businesses closely focus upon.

Incorporating a small business: some essential considerations

For a number of sound reasons, it is quite natural why a California business entrepreneur or multiple partners of a fledgling business look to the benefits that incorporating their company can bring.

And those are many.

Spotlight: defending against shareholder derivative actions

Here's a real-life scenario that sometimes plays out for corporations in California and elsewhere across the country.

Imagine that you are a business executive and part of a key management team in a corporation. You are routinely tasked with making important decisions that guide the business and centrally determine its vision and forward-looking strategies.

New SEC financing rules: All roses for a tweaked fundraising tool?

It's almost a truism to note that money seeks opportunity.

And that is certainly the case regarding start-up business enterprises across Southern California that are grounded in sound ideas and a smart plan for future success. Investors are understandably -- and always -- on the lookout for such vehicles, knowing that money sunk into solid businesses is, well, just good business.

Trade secrets: these company jewels need to be protected

Imagine that you're a top-flight executive with a profitable and growing company that is making huge inroads in your industry due to the astute and well-applied efforts of tech-smart people developing cutting-edge processes and formulas.

Do you think you might want to protect that intellectual capital? In fact, are you routinely focused on absolutely shielding it from robust business rivals that would do just about anything to acquire and seek to profit from it?

Of key importance to any business: the buy-versus-lease option

The principals of any new business enterprise in Southern California or elsewhere are obviously running at full speed as they seek to deal with a wide universe of pressing considerations.

Here's a threshold question that every fledgling business must immediately deal with, as noted on a relevant page of our website at the San Diego business law firm of Gallagher/Krich, APC: What legal form should a start-up enterprise assume? There are a number of very important points to consider in any debate centered on the respective pros and cons of a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, family-owned enterprise or other business form.

Business intellectual property: a key asset meriting protection

We noted in a recent blog post three specific concerns that confront many business principals as they work hard to establish a creative and profitable enterprise.

One obvious and fundamental concern for many entrepreneurs that we stressed in our September 10 entry is the need to raise capital required to fuel business success. Yet another consideration focuses centrally on the optimal form that a business should take. Some business partners envision a partnership as being the ideal vehicle for their enterprise. Alternatively, a limited-liability company, family-owned business or corporation might be deemed as the perfect model for success.

Some important things to think about for start-up principals

Our business-related legal blog has been providing information to readers across Southern California on a wide spectrum of business topics for some time now.

The goal of our blog entries is consistently the same, namely, to present our audience with timely and relevant information and advice that is helpful to them. That aim remains the same regardless of whether our readers are current business owners, budding entrepreneurs, principals of a start-up enterprise or just generally interested in business topics.

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