When you meet with us, you will find the unique blend of a Small-Business Law Firm with a Big-Business Mentality. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the true interests of the small-business owner.

Contract Law

A contract dispute can be very costly, in terms of legal fees, management time and opportunity costs. In some cases, it can threaten the viability of your business. As a business owner, you want to resolve that dispute in your favor, at a minimum of cost and aggravation.

Business Organization

Forming a business requires meticulous attention to detail and familiarity with the many legal considerations involved. To get your business off on the right foot, it is critical to involve an experienced attorney at the outset. A lawyer can not only walk you through the formation process, but also alert you to valuable strategies for avoiding costly disputes and minimizing exposure to liability.

Business Transactions:

Transactions are often at the root of a flourishing business. They establish professional relationships, govern the flow of inventory, protect the business’s property and trade secrets and form the foundation of a business’s financing. Because transactions are central to the life of a business, it is important to seek qualified legal counsel for guidance.

Experienced Counselors and Advocates

Gallagher | Krich APC is a law firm providing creative solutions for business owners and individuals.

Our clients appreciate our dedication and deep concern for their well-being. Legal adversaries admire our trial skills and integrity. When you retain Gallagher | Krich APC, you will have confidence, knowing that an experienced team of attorneys is working hard to get results for you.

With 18 years combined experience, Gallagher | Krich APC represents clients throughout the Greater San Diego, California, area, including Oceanside, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Rancho Bernardo and Poway.

A well-drafted contract can lay the groundwork for a profitable business relationship. It can also help you avoid potentially costly litigation. At Gallagher | Krich APC, we provide a complete range of services involving business contracts. For a reasonable fee, we can draft or review a contract to ensure that it protects your interests. We can also engage in contract negotiations or advise you during the negotiation process.

When a dispute arises over a party’s performance, our San Diego breach of contract attorneys can work to achieve a satisfactory resolution through contract litigation or other means. We are capable of providing aggressive representation in court when needed. We also utilize alternative dispute resolution methods to achieve satisfactory results in a cost-effective manner.

When you meet with us, you will find the unique blend of a small-business law firm with a big-business mentality. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the true interests of the small-business owner, as well as what it takes to grow and expand as a business matures.

We understand that close relationships and trust are essential aspects of a successful business, and we work hard to cultivate a personal bond with our clients that would be otherwise unavailable with a larger law firm. From business organization to contracts to advocating for your rights in a court of law, we will handle your legal needs with dedication and care, providing you the freedom to invest your mind and energy back into your business.

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Latest News

Another Successful Settlement of over $350,000

Another Successful Settlement of over $350,000

This settlement was resolved between two businesses with a dispute over intellectual property rights and the value of services rendered. The case involved the development of a new manufacturing technology and the determination of ownership. The matter was settled... read more

Gallagher | Krich APC provides service for both national and international clients.

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I have worked with Tom and his firm for over a year and he has been always very professional and helpful, very patient, answering to all my questions and always trying to resolve the issues I had. He always found the time to respond to my emails or phone calls in a very professional and human way. He is a great lawyer and a good, honest person that works hard and handle things with ethics, responsibility and integrity, qualities not easy to find in these times and in this world. I am very satisfied by his legal performance and would go back to him for any other legal need I may have. I personally suggest Tom and his firm.

Mon V.

Thomas Gallagher Esq.

Thomas Gallagher Esq.

The firm’s founder, lawyer Thomas Gallagher, has extensive experience in litigation and transactional practice. Before establishing the firm, he worked with a team of attorneys in the insurance defense industry. The perspective he gained on the defensive side of litigation proves valuable for current clients, who appreciate Mr. Gallagher’s well-rounded and realistic analysis of their legal options.

Troy B. Krich Esq.

Troy B. Krich Esq.

Partner Troy B. Krich has extensive experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution, with particular emphasis on business, employment and construction law. He is a certified mediator with international mediation experience. He teaches a variety of training seminars and university classes on mediation and negotiation.

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