Your will, business contracts, and your business are like your home. They need regular cleaning, organizing, decorating, to stay in a functional and welcoming order. When dealing with your will and contracts, you wish for those comfort and safety feelings from home. These should reflect your current needs and wishes, and be in full compliance with the law, at any time. Put your legal stuff in order for 2020, by taking the following actions!

Get your will, contracts and other legal documents bulletproof

If your will or contracts are attacked in court, or your business happens to be sued, the plaintiff may attempt to show that you have not complied with the existing laws. Keep your will, but also your contracts up to date. Get a lawyer’s help to:

  • Review your will and search for any weaknesses that might undermine your legacy wishes;
  • Revise and keep track of your business contracts; make them comply with the newest legislation to fully protect your company;
  • Develop a checklist of tasks you need to do every year, in order to keep your business in compliance. The list could include actions, such as submitting annual reports to state authorities, filling out forms for any change related to your company’s name or operations, recording minutes and resolutions, etc.

Plan smart for any change

Changes in your family or relationships cannot be necessarily predicted and planned, but you should react inappropriate time and update your will. For any changes in regards to assets, tax laws, location, moving out of state, or new needs or wishes you might have, being for a will or a contract, or for your business in general, consult your lawyer and accountant. They will help you to make the right decisions, at the most favorable times, to protect your assets, while still reaching the goals you have in mind for your business or your legacy.

Make a habit of it

At the end of each year, set aside some time to check and update your will, contracts and other core personal or business documents. Get a trustworthy attorney to help you address all these administrative and legal obligations, regularly or when the changes in legislation require new revisions. 

2020 is approaching fast! Contact us and our experienced attorneys will review your will or contracts to make any needed changes.

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Really informative and actionable, very grateful to have connected and I look forward to working more with them in the future.



Rated 5 out of 5

i liked that a lawyer, and not a staff member, called me to get the details and he gave me his opinion of what his initial thoughts are about my case.


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