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Your intellectual property is what makes your business so valuable. We can help you protect your businesses intellectual property so you can contintue to grow.
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Intellectual Property Strategy

You started your business and you insured already the business material assets—buildings, machines, production equipment, etc. But do you have a plan for intellectual assets of your company? How will you protect your know-how, inventions, trademarks, designs or trade secrets?

We are here to advise you in developing and implementing the Intellectual Property strategy for your business:

Evaluate Assets

Determine what assets are available and how they can be protected.


Elaborate on your business intellectual property strategy.


Development Procedures

Create the procedures to implement your business plan.


We help you in the implementation phase.

Existing Intellectual Property Strategy

If you already have an IP strategy, we can support you to revise it to comply with current laws. During the strategic process, your business portfolio of intellectual assets is also established.

We can help you in managing your portfolio:



Keep track of current deadlines for patents



Take care of updates, records, and amendments for the assets.


In consolidating the portfolio.


You know better than anyone the costs you had to develop that new product or service. Patent your product to prevent copycats from profiting off your hard work and leaving you without the fruits of your efforts.

Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers can assist you in the process in the following ways:

  • Providing general advice on patent process and protection
  • Performing patent pre-filing searches
  • Drafting and prosecuting patent applications
  • Monitoring the patents, managing conflicts and evaluating infringements

Talk with our business attorneys today and protect your business intellectual assets.


We will work with you to protect your brands, and guide you on this path. Trademarks are very important to position your business on the market, and they can considerably increase their value in time. We will assist you to prepare and file your trademarks to achieve the broadest protection and the most market advantage.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Perform research to determine if your brand is in conflict with any existing trademarks
  • Prepare, file and prosecute the trademark applications
  • Monitor the trademarks for potential infringements of your rights
  • Manage conflicts, enforce rights and help you with trademark disputes

Meet Our Intellectual Property Lawyers

Many businesses wait too long into their development to get serious about the company’s intellectual assets and about the protection of these assets. As a business owner, you want to be proactive in the early stages of your business and get all your property rights established. While you focus on growth-related opportunities for your business, we can support you in protecting your intellectual assets.

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