If you, a friend or family member were involved in a commercial truck or vehicle accident, then you are probably aware of the struggles that can be involved in claiming damages, and if not this is an important lesson to learn in order to prepare yourself for such difficult situations.


Here are five key steps you should take after being involved in a commercial vehicle accident, in order to obtain compensation for your car damages, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering or any other related harms.


1. Report the accident to the police

Remain at the scene of the crash, call the police and wait for them to arrive and start the investigation. Solicit a copy of the accident report, which will contain important information about the incident, including your declaration, the other driver’s and any witnesses’ declarations, and police officer’s opinion about who is at-fault for the accident.


2. Get medical treatment

If you are injured, seek medical care immediately. This helps you to recover, but also links your injuries to the accident and will help you with the claim.


3. Gather relevant information

Get as much information as possible about the driver of the commercial vehicle and his or her company:

  1. License plate number;
  2. Name of the driver and name of the company;
  3. Contact details, such as phone numbers and emails, for the driver and the company;
  4. Insurance company and insurance policy number;
  5. The vehicle’s Department of Transportation license number.
Without this information, it is much more difficult to file for a claim later in the process.


4. Collect evidence

If you are able, try to collect evidence to document your case:

  1. Take photos of the damage to your car and to the commercial vehicle, the road, any debris on the roadway, and of any other detail you consider relevant.
  2. Take photos of your injuries immediately after the accident, but also as they progress, in order to record your pain and suffering.
  3. Talk with eyewitnesses. Find out their names, contact details and write down a summary of what they saw. In some cases, they will be called to testify later in the court.


5. Contact a lawyer

Expect that the company, which owns the truck, the van or the transporter that hit you, already has a team of lawyers to protect it’s interests. Seek the help of an experienced lawyer to represent you and win your case!


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