Even mild traumatic brain injuries can change the victims’ life forever, but most of the time insurance companies fail to acknowledge other damages than the most obvious ones – the immediate physical damages. At Gallagher | Krich, our lawyers are prepared to handle traumatic brain injuries claims. We have all the resources to support your case through trial if necessary and demand fair compensation for all damages – physical, emotional or cognitive.


We start with complete diagnosis of your injury and its effects

You fell down the staircase, slipped on a wet surface, or were involved in a car accident, and you suffered a head injury and received emergency medical care. The doctors are trained to look for signs of life-threatening injuries. They use MRI or CT scans to identify severe bleeding, swelling or other obvious brain damage, and evaluate if you need surgery or other immediate treatment.


However, these tests are not enough. When handling your traumatic brain injury claim, we need to make sure that:
  1. all your after-injury symptoms are tested;
  2. medical experts establish how the brain trauma affects your daily life, and they decide on the long-term care you need;
  3. all the damages on your personal and work life, such as your reduced capacity for earnings, productivity or enjoyment, are fully investigated and understood.


We establish the damages to be claimed

Brain injuries can cause life-altering symptoms, which may or may not improve over time.  You might struggle with symptoms for years, such as:
  1. Blurred vision
  2. Headaches
  3. Ringing in the ears
  4. Seizures
  5. Balance issues
  6. Sensitivity to light or sound
  7. Memory loss, or other problems with focus and memory
  8. Slurred speech
  9. Personality changes or mood swings
  10. Depression, anxiety
  11. Sleeping problems, etc.


It is hard to establish what the monetary value of personality changes or reduced attention are, and typically these problems are dismissed by the insurance companies. Still, an experienced law firm like Gallagher Krich is able to translate these issues into concrete damages, including:
  1. Lost wages, loss of income or earning potential
  2. Loss of companionship
  3. Loss of enjoyment of life
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Past and future medical care, therapy or other rehabilitation services
  6. Permanent injuries, scarring, etc.


We handle the settlement or trial with the insurance company

Never try to handle a traumatic brain injury claim on your own, because the insurance companies try to take advantage of unrepresented victims and make your claim go away.

As lawyers, we have the following advantages when dealing with a claim:

  1. years of experience in handling many cases like yours;
  2. the resources to get your case to trial, if it is the case;
  3. the negotiation power and knowledge to obtain fair compensation for you.


We also offer a free consultation to understand your legal rights and action options.