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If you are seeking a lawyer’s help with permanent residence in U.S., we can assist you with Green Card Application (Form I-485) or Replacement (Form I-90).

NOTE: for questions about green card eligibility, please check the UCSIS website.


Green Card Replacement: When to Use Form I-90

Most people use Form I-90 to renew their green card, but other typical reasons to replace a green card include:


  • If your card was issued but never received
  • If your card was lost, stolen or destroyed
  • If your card was issued but never received
  • If your card has been significantly damaged
  • If your card includes incorrect data
  • If your name or other biographic information has since receiving your card been legally changed
  • If you have reached your 14th birthday and are registering as required

Are You a Conditional Permanent Resident?

Certain exceptions do apply to conditional permanent residents. In this case, you may only use Form I-90 to replace a green card.

Conditional permanent residents who want to renew their status or remove the conditions of their residence should not use Form I-90. There are two possibilities for conditional permanent residents with expiring green cards:

Form I-751
If you became a conditional permanent resident through marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and your conditional status is expiring within the next 90 days, file Form I-751 – Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence.

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Form I-829

If you became a conditional resident based on a financial investment in a U.S. business, file Form I-829 – Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions. Questions? Use our online form below.

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