Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately common accidents in offices, malls, stores, parks in San Diego. Poorly maintained properties, wet floors, uneven stairs, or poor lighting could cause you to fall, slip or trip and get injured. You have grounds to file a personal injury claim or even bring a lawsuit against the owner of the property if you are harmed as a consequence of negligence or carelessness.


However, the success of your claim depends on the actions that you take immediately after the incident. We prepared a list with the correct steps to follow in order to maximize your chance of just and fair compensation:


  1. Get the medical attention you need: If you notice you have injuries and you feel significant pain, request medical support immediately. However, even if you do not feel injured, make sure you are examined by a doctor, as there might be some hidden symptoms of a head or spinal injury that might appear later.
  2. Stay calm and protect your legal rights: Even if you can point out who is responsible for your slip and fall accident, refrain from accusing anyone or yelling at employees or others. Do not make any statements that you might regret later, but warn the people around about the danger so they can avoid a similar accident.
  3. Report the accident: If the accident happens in your office, notify your manager or supervisor. If it happens in a store or a park, notify the manager of the place without any delay. Note down to whom you describe your accident and the injury you suffer, and how they handle the situation.
  4. Collect evidence: take photos of the scene, record a description of what happened within 24 hours (while the details are still fresh in your mind), keep all relevant documents, such as medical records, incident report, letter or notes from the property owner or the insurance company, etc.
  5. Contact an attorney: consult with a personal injury attorney, learn about your rights and legal options. Do not agree to any settlement with your employer or the property’s owner, before getting the advice of a professional lawyer.


According to the “premises liability” California law, those who own or control a residence, business or government property need to keep their space in safe conditions for anyone who uses it. When they fail to do so and you get injured, you are entitled to claim monetary compensation for medical bills, pain, and suffering, time missed from work, rehabilitation, etc. 

If you or your loved one has been hurt in a slip and fall incident, get in touch with our experienced attorneys at Gallagher | Krich, APC.