When you could be liable for your employees’ driving habits

Did you know that your business could be responsible for an accident caused by one of your employees distracted by a phone while driving for job duties? You might already have some traveling policies in place, but check if these also address the driving habits of your employees who use their own car or the company’s car. Here are some of the bad behaviors that could put your business at risk.


Your employees might check emails or texts, speak on the phone, or look for an address while driving. They might do it for increasing their efficiency or out of boredom, but they put themselves, other drivers and your company at risk. If an accident results while they are performing job duties, then a victim can also claim compensation from you, their employer. 

Terrible decisions

If employees decide to consume alcohol or controlled substances or commit other felonies while driving and conducting business for your company, then you are liable for their behavior. If you knew or you should have known about the employees’ incompetence, but you entrusted the car to them, then you would be liable under the “negligent entrustment” principle.

When employees are driving their own cars for work

Make sure they maintain their cars and they carry insurance. Also, check their driving records. Otherwise, you might be liable for negligence in hiring or supervision. 

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