We are not saying this only because we are lawyers, but as a business owner in San Diego, you should definitely get in touch with a business attorney before you need one.
Prevent lawsuits with your former, current or prospective employees, or with your customers, and always be prepared for any investigation done by local, state or federal government. Also, work with an attorney to ensure that your business starts off on the right foot, and is functional and fully compliant with San Diego laws.


You might consider consulting and working with a business attorney when…


… you start your business

A business attorney is familiar with the many legal considerations involved in the process of business formation. Get help in:

  1. Navigating and filling out all the forms and requirements of incorporation documents.
  2. Fully understanding the benefits and disadvantages of the legal structure you choose for your business.
  3. Trademarking your name, reviewing lease documents, preparing the first contracts with your employees, clients, contractors, service providers, etc.
  4. Complying with all the local, state and federal regulations for your industry.


… you want to solve ongoing business issues or grow your company

A business attorney can protect you and advocate for your business to ensure your interests are served in:

  1. all the contracts you sign.
  2. any business dispute that might arise.
  3. placing all your assets into a trust.
  4. solving human resources issues that might appear.
  5. all the partnership or franchising agreements necessary to expand your business.


… when your business faces serious issues

Like legal complaints, lawsuits, investigations, or it goes through complex situations, such as partnership development, merging, franchising, important business negotiations, etc.


Final advice:

as a business owner in San Diego, you do not need a lawyer for each and every legal issue, but when these are too complex, too time-consuming or are fraught with liability, then it is wiser to get in touch with one.


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