Thousands of Americans suffer spinal cord injuries each year, and this is one of the most serious health damages one could ever experience. The consequences of injuries can range from minor strains to paralysis. Half of these injuries are caused by car accidents, while others by falls, assaults or even medical malpractice.

Five key reasons to hire a spinal cord injury lawyer

When spinal cord injury occurs, you are entitled to get compensation from the entity or person that is responsible for the damage. Consult with a spinal cord injury lawyer before you start talking with the person or institution at fault or their insurance company.

  1. An experienced attorney in spinal cord injuries will know how to professionally and efficiently review your case, looking for evidence, witnesses, experts in the field, etc. Your attorney’s job is to show that you were injured, that your injury was not a pre-existing condition, and that it is the direct consequence of another party’s action.
  2. A spinal cord lawyer has the necessary expertise to assess the damages of the injury on your health and life. 
  3. An attorney experienced in handling this type of lawsuits can ensure that the responsible party is held accountable. You will get the rightful compensation for your medical expenses, ongoing treatment, pain, and suffering, lost income or lost earning capacity, ongoing disability, emotional distress, etc.
  4. Hiring a spinal cord lawyer will also help you to protect your family on your long road to recovery. When you get the compensation you deserve, this should also cover family financial burdens, such as home modifications, adapted car for driving with a disability, standing frames, any post-discharge physical or psychological therapy, etc.
  5. Usually, insurance companies try to get victims to settle for less money than what would be rightful for you. Lawyers are experienced negotiators who are able to get you the compensation you deserve and need.

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