Our business-related legal blog has been providing information to readers across Southern California on a wide spectrum of business topics for some time now.

The goal of our blog entries is consistently the same, namely, to present our audience with timely and relevant information and advice that is helpful to them. That aim remains the same regardless of whether our readers are current business owners, budding entrepreneurs, principals of a start-up enterprise or just generally interested in business topics.

A new story or topic often arises that has an inherent connection with subject matter we have previously touched upon. That is a connection we welcome, given that it connects our posts in an organic way and enables us to direct readers back to prior posts to gain additional background knowledge relevant to a current entry.

As an example, we reference here a post we wrote last winter regarding common business considerations that can loom large for start-up companies and other fledgling enterprises. A specific focus in our December 14, 2014 entry was on these two critically important concerns facing many new businesses: the need to raise capital to grow the enterprise and the vitally important decision surrounding the form of business entity that should be established to ensure future success.

Those considerations would seem to be timely reemphasized and used as a segue for today’s post, given its addressing of an additional and fundamentally important business consideration pointed out in a recent media piece. The focus of that article is on the compelling need for a start-up company to safeguard its business against intellectual property infringement.

As noted in that article, new business owners might find that to be a difficult and expensive prospect.

That isn’t necessarily the case, though, and the costs of failing to protect intellectual capital can greatly exceed the outlays expended in thwarting business theft.

We will further address that subject in detail in our next blog post.

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