Trade secrets: these company jewels need to be protected

Imagine that you’re a top-flight executive with a profitable and growing company that is making huge inroads in your industry due to the astute and well-applied efforts of tech-smart people developing cutting-edge processes and formulas.

Do you think you might want to protect that intellectual capital? In fact, are you routinely focused on absolutely shielding it from robust business rivals that would do just about anything to acquire and seek to profit from it?

Intellectual property law: how a law firm can help

The answer to those questions is self-evident: Of course you’re aware of the great value of your proprietary intellectual property and the vital need to safeguard it from cutthroat competitors.

And you’re further aware that some entities in your business world will not hesitate to seize your most closely guarded secrets by acting illegally to acquire them.

That is, they will steal them in a heartbeat. They will seek to employ your smartest workers and have them divulge information that was developed under your watch and protected by virtue of signed nondisclosure contracts. They will circumvent restrictions in licensing agreements.

Obviously, such things are illegal, with an online primer on trade secrets noting that remedies are available to victimized businesses when third parties misappropriate their treasured trade secrets through “improper means.”

The California Uniform Trade Secrets Act enumerates a number of strong protections against the misappropriation of trade secrets.

In addition to those remedies, California state law also provides that criminal remedies may be pursued in some cases.

A proven business litigation law firm with demonstrated acumen in helping clients with intellectual property-related concerns can answer questions and provide diligent legal representation in any matter regarding trade secrets.

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